Blackberry (J-27) stealth-mugged us at Salmon Banks all afternoon. And by that I mean we would be the appropriate 200-400 meters away and all of a sudden he’d come up right in front of the boat and absolutely take our breath away. Tsuchi (J-31) and Mako (J-39) were nearby the whole time. At one point Tsuchi joined Blackberry and frightened the heck out of us by going right under our boat, and then spending some time milling about at the surface. Eventually the three of them slowly travelled south, heading towards the rest of J-Pod, as well as K and L pods. As they began to meet up, Mako began to slap his tail and breach ( I was recording data at that time, so I didn’t get photos). It was an amazing day out there today! We had a chance to listen on the hydrophone, as the whales were going right under us. Amazing!

For those of you wondering, I do not work for a whale-watching company - I am a volunteer for a cetacean conservation and research society.

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